Calavera Barbell Mission:

  • The development of athletes through the sport of weightlifting.  At Calavera we focus heavily on technique and proper movement patterns in the sport in order to develop strength, speed and power. We work closely with every athlete from beginner to higher level and provide a unique environment that promotes teamwork, mental toughness, confidence, humility, and communal involvement.

Calavera Barbell is an Olympic Style Weightlifting club that trains alongside CrossFit Initiative in Reno Nevada. 

“Calavera barbell is one of my favorite gyms in the nation. Truly one of the best gyms for youth athletes. Coaches here really care about the development of their athletes and their technique. I myself have noticed how much better their movement is now compared to a few years ago.”

Norik Vardanian   *2012 Olympian *American Record Holder *National Champion

“Calavera is such a strong group filled with strong humans inside and out. You won’t find too many weightlifting gyms in the US who really care about their members. I love the passion and intensity that goes into this gym. Calavera is truly a great community to be a part of!”
Jenny Arthur *2016 Olympian *Bronze World Medalist *National Record Holder 


9475 Double R Blvd. #15
Reno NV, 89521

Carlos Hernandez

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