Coach: Richie Hernandez

Athletic Performance: Why is athletic development important?

• Olympic Style Weightlifting (OSW) is the absolute, ultimate best training system and methods to develop and improve your physical power and athleticism to succeed in whatever sport or activity that requires STRENGTH, STAMINA, & SUPPLENESS! -Jim Schmitz

• With proper technique of the olympic weightlifting movements you will increase your mobility and flexibility creating full range of motion allowing you to use all your muscle groups creating maximum force production.

  • “Weightlifters have some of the highest verticals of all athletes”                                       *International Weightlifting Federation

Calavera Barbell from Tony Castaneda Films on Vimeo.

Calavera Barbell… A lot comes to mind when I hear this name. Great Coaches. Great environment. Great Training. I started with Carlos and Richie a long time ago, and I have only grown and gotten better. The injuries I have been through have been very devastating and Calavera Barbell has helped me to recover and overcome my injuries and come out stronger on the other side. They push you to the limits and then once you’re there, they push further always looking for the chance to improve you.
Throughout the past year, my development as an athlete has sky rocketed with the help of Calavera and my school weightlifting. My maxes on all lifts has improved, and my physical attributes (vertical jump, sprint times, lateral speed, agility and core) have also gotten way better. The way that Carlos and Richie strive to make you a better athlete and their attitudes towards doing it is definitely what separates them from the other gyms.
—We Rise By Lifting Others—
Jace Papke, QB
Wooster HS