Coach Nerd

“If everyone was just like me, we would all be different.”
Hello, my name is nerd and I am in the fifth grade… is how I would start my bio if I was in the fifth grade. Nerd is just short for Menard just like how kilo is short for kilometer. I graduated from the fifth grade in the early 90’s.
Today, Im proud to be part of the Calavera coaching staff. I have a fascination for human movement and progress. I avoid forcing progress but don’t believe in a passive approach. I also enjoy fixing things that are broken and improving things that are inefficient. I like most people or at least am interested in what they’re interested in. Some people are really into their kids or pets. I’m not as interested in their kids or pets as much as they might be, but I like seeing other people’s face light up and watching their mood improve when I ask them about something they really like. Put all these interests together and coaching became a natural fit. As an athlete, I’m your everyday weekend warrior. I once placed top 2 at a local weightlifting meet where there were two others in my weight class. When leaving a barbeque at a friends house, I ran through a friendly game of cornhole, caught a bean bag in mid flight, threw it in stride across my body in the opposite direction, and walked away victoriously while anticipating the adoration of the crowd. I heard the thud and swoosh of the bean bag hitting the board and sliding towards the hole. After a brief moment of silence, the eruption of cheers and shock filled the air as I kept walking never turning my head to acknowledge the chaos. My proudest physical accomplishment, however, has been waking up and getting out of bed everyday for over 36 consecutive years. I’m working hard to keep that streak alive while making a positive impact with fifth graders, parents, pets, barbecues, and whatever social interactions I’m fortunate enough to have.