Richie Hernandez

As the younger brother of Carlos I grew up being very competitive. Everything we did ended up as a competition. Competition is something I have grown up with and after high school I was missing it. Weightlifting was exactly what I was looking for to fit my competitive drive. I have developed a strong passion for helping kids and adults move better through the sport of weightlifting.

My biggest accomplishments as a coach would have to be taking kids to Youth Nationals and introducing them to the sport of weightlifting. Seeing them take the stage and battle is one of the best feelings that I get from coaching.  Biggest accomplishments as an athlete would be placing 4thin the Nike 2017 American Open Series 1. I placed 3rd in the snatch and 4th in the Clean and Jerk. I have recently started working with high school kids through our Calavera Athletic Performance program. This program is designed to help high school kids develop athleticism, control, skill and improve their physique. through Olympic weightlifting and plyometrics. If your kid is in high school give us a call.