Carlos Hernandez

    • National USAW Coach
    • USAW L1,L2
    • USAW LWC Referee
    • CF L1, CF WL, Kelly Starret Mobility WOD
    • To learn more about Carlos
    Richie Hernandez
    Calavera Athletic Performance
    USAW L1, USAW L2, CF L1
    Learn more about Coach Richie
    Debbie Rominger
    Coach/Event Coordinator
    USAW L1, CF L1
    Learn more about Coach Debbie

    Amanda Cook

    • 4X Masters National Champion- 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022
    • World Master Champion- 2019
    • USAW L1,L2
    • USAW National Referee
    • Learn more about Coach Amandaimg_4701

    Erika Coe

    • Masters National Champion- 2018
    • World Master Champion- 2018
    • USAW L1,L2
    • To learn more about Coach Erika
    Menard Lontoc
    USAW L1, CF L1, NV Class C DL
    Learn more about Coach Nerd

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